Grey Star Lives

Enter a surreal, horrific world and confront malevolent, extradimensional beings.  The atmosphere of this interactive fiction game so full of dread that it’s almost comical.

Grey Star Lives was released in 2012.

Download Grey Star Lives for Windows

2 Comments on “Grey Star Lives

    • You dug up a real old one! Thanks for playing.

      If you want to play another (better) “interactive fiction” game I wrote, try Silver Spooning: Close Encounters with Mr. Right.

      You might also try Castle on the Night Land. It’s pretty old and creaky, but it is an adventure/exploration game that is a bit like Ramble Planet.

      I’m also working on a new game project that will be coming out in mid-May. I’ll post about it here and on my Tumblr.

      Thanks again for playing.

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