The Black Heart of Exile

Everything has gone wrong on the colony ship Exile. A reactor meltdown flooded Exile’s decks with mutating radiation and all its systems are breaking down. Traverse the ship’s planet-sized zones and battle barbarian cults, hyper-intelligent fungi, flesh-rending nanite clouds, and the living dead. Only in Exile’s black heart will you discover the dark origin of the cataclysm.

The Black Heart of Exile was released in 2011.

Download The Black Heart of Exile for Windows

2 Comments on “The Black Heart of Exile

  1. You were totally right. I didn’t know what hard was. I REALLY like the atmosphere though.
    Have you played Phenomenon 32?

    • I agree with you. Black Heart of Exile has a cool story, setting, and atmosphere, but it is frustrating. Maybe I’ll remake it in the future sometime! I really like the giant amoebas.

      I haven’t played Phenomenon 32, but I just looked it up. I can see why you mentioned it. It seems to be similar to some of the games I have made. I’m going to download it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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