4 comments on “The Small Man of Petroglyph Avenue

  1. This is quite lovely. I really enjoyed it. I hope you still make comics or have tried making a zine.

    • Thanks for reading and responding! I haven’t made comics in a while, but I could start again at any time. I would love to make a zine, but I have never tried. Are you a comics artist?

      • I myself am not a comics maker, I only write and make the physical zine, but my sisters make comics and zines so I’m familiar with talking about them critically. I can draw, at least how I enjoy drawing, so I eventually want to attempt my own zine. In the past I’ve worked at an offset lithography and silk screen shop amd so did another of my sisters so her and I invested in our own Duplicator and together we print our own stuff.

      • Sorry, to clarify, I write independently of the comics medium and I also make the physical comic.

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