Silver Spooning: Close Encounters with Mr. Right

You just broke up with your boyfriend because he was really boring. It’s time to meet someone new! You create an account on Silver Spooning, a dating website for the shamelessly rich. Will you meet the eccentric weirdo of your dreams?

Save a life. Commit a murder. Have sex. Travel through time and space. Witness the extinction of the human race. Wear cool clothes. Find true love. In the style of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, your choices will lead you to sublime happiness or horrible tragedy.

Silver Spooning has 20,000 words and 27 memorable endings. It was released in 2016 and is written by Andi Hagen.

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3 Comments on “Silver Spooning: Close Encounters with Mr. Right

  1. Really fun game, though both men were very touchy on the first date I enjoyed the story. 10/10 recommended to everyone 18+

    • Thanks for playing this! Of all the games I’ve made, this is one of my personal favorites. I always think I’d like to go back and add to it. I know Struthers Covington is a weirdo, but maybe he should have some happier endings.

      • I agree, alien dude literally fought a shark for this woman, he needs this 😀

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