Alien Squatter

In this new style of RPG and sim, you play a homeless extraterrestrial in a futuristic version of Japan. Humans are nearly extinct, and Earth is a cesspool of pollution, urban decay, and economic inequality. Can you find happiness in this dystopian hellscape?

Alien Squatter was released in 2019 for Windows and Android operating systems. It was designed, written, and programmed by Andi Hagen with graphics and music by Shea Kennedy.

  • Play as one of 3 alien species, each with their own cool abilities.
  • Romance and befriend over 20 unusual characters including a gangster, breakdancer, priest, giant ooze, and robot serial killer.
  • Get one of 5 pets, each with different abilities and personalities.
  • Level up your physical, mental, and social stats, and use them to overcome obstacles.
  • Do what it takes to survive. Forage, fight, fish, steal, salvage, sneak, shop, beg, get a job, sell your organs, party, get high, gamble, mutate, use psychic powers. There are many paths to success.
  • Be a good person or a scoundrel. The karma system tracks it all.
  • Over 60 endings and achievements

Alien Squatter on Steam

Alien Squatter on

Alien Squatter Soundtrack

8 Comments on “Alien Squatter

  1. Love the look of it, and the music. Reviews were convincing me even more to buy it. But the steps limit per day sounds really frustrating. If you&re still making changes and updates for the game, please take this as another vote to greatly increase the step count per day.

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting! I’m definitely still updating this game. There have been updates every couple weeks since launch. Thanks for weighing in on the matter of the steps. I probably will increase the number of steps soon, although the increase won’t be drastic. The game is balanced around having a limited number of steps, and I would hate to unbalance things entirely.

      • Alright, thank you for the reply! I can understand that, I should wait until I have played it properly before having too much opinion anyway. If it fits with the gameplay style and your vision, I’m sure it works well. The graphics and writing remind me a bit of LISA which is another favourite indie. Good work on the game so far and I hope to pick it up someday. Cheers!

      • Oh yeah! I know about LISA! I haven’t played it yet though. FYI, I just updated Alien Squatter and the energy system is slightly more liberal now. The update is only live on the PC version, but will be on Mac tomorrow.

  2. You’re games are incredible, a great case for game as art. I’ve played Ramble Planet and, loved Void Pyramid, I’ll be sure to check out this one.

    • Thank you so much for playing my games. Definitely check out Alien Squatter. I’m really proud of it! =D

    • Thanks for reaching out! There are no plans in the future to port Alien Squatter to iOS. The game’s engine (OHRRPGCE) does not natively support that OS. However, it is available on Mac via Steam,, or Game Jolt.

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