Xenopolitan is an RPG about everyday life in an alien metropolis. Live the life of an extraterrestrial person with real world problems. Play as a human or extraterrestrial entrepreneur, student, artist, social worker, politician, reporter, criminal, detective, or anything else, and experience life in this galactic futurescape.

Setting: The year is 2099. Ingress is a city with 90 million people from thousands of different species and planets. It flies in the skies above Earth and is a hub for extraterrestrials conducting business with various Earthling corporations and governments. Players are denizens of this sprawling, cosmopolitan city, and their backgrounds and goals can be as diverse as the city’s population.

System: Xenopolitan is a complete game based on the popular Fudge system. The rules are fast, flexible, and easy to learn. The broad skill system enables game masters and players to tell a wide variety of stories and create characters from all walks of life. Players might be reporters for a media corporation, members of a rock band, or partners in a law firm. The possibilities are as vast as real life.


  • Players can easily create their own extraterrestrial species by combining various advantages, drawbacks, and psychic powers. Want to play a parasitic bacteria or a being of pure energy? It’s quickly done with Xenopolitan’s fun, creative character creation system.
  • Xenopolitan’s conflict resolution system can generate non-binary results with interesting complications and encourages active participation from players.
  • Xenopolitan supports many different styles of play and includes numerous story ideas for one-shot sessions or full campaigns.
  • Pages upon pages of groovy artwork with cool aliens!
  • 75 pages

Xenopolitan was released in 2021 in print and digital editions. It was designed, written, and illustrated by Andi Hagen. Front cover art by Ben K. Evans.

Xenopolitan on DrivethruRPG

Xenopolitan on itch.io

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