Minor Works

Here some of my smaller or older works. They might be a little rough around the edges, but they are all precious.

Video Games

Burger for the Baroness – 2021 – Windows/Mac

It’s your second day at your fast food job. An eccentric baroness orders a hamburger. What are you going to do about it? This is a short visual novel with several choices. It can be completed in 5-10 minutes.

Superstorm Melon Date – 2021 – Windows/Mac

It’s date night in the dystopian future. You’re going out with Mel, a half-melon person with psychic powers. They seem a little weird, but at least they’re cute. Choose where to go, what to do, and what to say in this highly interactive, romance visual novel.

1999: Megallennium 6-in-1 Megacart – 2017 – Windows

1999: Megallennium 6-in-1 Megacart is a fictional, lost NES multi-cart developed in 1989. Featured within are 6.5 “brilliant” and “surreal” games.

Silver Spooning: Close Encounters with Mr. Right – 2016 – Browser

You just broke up with your boyfriend because he was really boring. It’s time to meet someone new! You create an account on Silver Spooning, a dating website for the shamelessly rich. Will you meet the eccentric weirdo of your dreams?

Nuclear Fire at Castle Treachery – 2015 – Browser

In the Millennium of Strife, the Sun has burnt out and Earth is frozen. To save your tribe, you must enter Castle Treachery, find the Nuclear Fire, and rekindle the Sun.

Big City Interactive Fate Machine – 2015 – Browser

In the mystical, urban wasteland of Big City, crime is rampant and the people aren’t quite human. At the end of story, your fortune will be prophesied. Maybe you will commit a crime. Maybe you will transform into slime. Or maybe you will learn about compassion.

Woryurs of Woberyun – 2013 – Windows

Battle cybernetic abominations in the dungeons of Woberyun. There is no chance to survive. Your only goal is to honor your master by slaughtering as many foul horrors as you can. If you don’t have insanely twitchy reflexes, this game is pretty infuriating.

Dreg Sector: The Tract – 2013 – Windows

Welcome to The Tract, a lawless fringe sector populated by pirates, smugglers, scavengers, and merchants. Hostile worlds wait to be discovered and plundered by daring spacefarers. Delve for salvage in perilous acidic oceans and void rifts. Navigate a bureaucracy of greedy traders and petty officials. Outfit your fleet with advanced gear and ace crewmen and conquer the stars

Grey Star Lives – 2012 – Windows

Enter a surreal, horrific world and confront malevolent, extradimensional beings.  The atmosphere of this interactive fiction game so full of dread that it’s almost comical.

Harbinger 6EQUJ5 – 2012 – Windows

Your journey into this mind-bending puzzle game will take you beyond the wall of the universe and into the deepest reaches of your subconscious. The solution is so obscure, it’s possible that no one has ever solved it. This game is really, really cryptic!

The Black Heart of Exile – 2011 – Windows

Everything has gone wrong on the colony ship Exile. A reactor meltdown flooded Exile’s decks with mutating radiation and all its systems are breaking down. Traverse the ship’s planet-sized zones and battle barbarian cults, hyper-intelligent fungi, flesh-rending nanite clouds, and the living dead. Only in Exile’s black heart will you discover the dark origin of the cataclysm.

Castle on the Night Land – 2011 – Windows

You are trapped in a spooky, mysterious, and treacherous castle. Use your wits to solve puzzles, find secrets, navigate mazes, and thwart monsters.

Dr. Coffin’s Cursed Maze – 2011 – Windows

You die and awake in a mysterious labyrinthine afterlife. The dark figure of Dr. Coffin haunts you constantly. Can you escape this hopeless landscape and reach the eternity you deserve?

Role-Playing Games

Straffshire: Village of Planar Fugitives – 2019 – Book

Straffshire is a setting for fantasy role-playing games. In the plane-shifting village of Straffshire, mortals, fey, demons, undead, sapient animals, and other creatures from across the planes live uneasily together. The village is surrounded by a wasteland of wild magic and caught in a cold war between a demon lord and a fey deity. Powerful magic is common and the village’s eccentric, decadent wizards have transformed their community into a weird realm where the supernatural runs rampant.


Expressions in Rectangular Pointillism – 2014 – Book

Expressions in Rectangular Pointillism is a pixel art book featuring 5 pieces of my artwork plus pieces from other artists. The book was created by Studio Momo.