Woryurs of Woberyun

Battle cybernetic abominations in the dungeons of Woberyun. There is no chance to survive. Your only goal is to honor your master by slaughtering as many foul horrors as you can. If you don’t have insanely twitchy reflexes, this game is pretty infuriating.

Woryurs of Woberyun is a score chasing arcade game with 6 different modes. Andi’s personal high scores are as follows:

Wyrlurd [Simple]: 36
Wizykur [Easy]: 22
Wulyrec [Medium]: 51
Wroguy [Hard]: 13
Wadyatur [Challenging]: 7
Wurampyon [Extreme]: 4

Woryurs of Woberyun was released in 2013.

Download Woryurs of Woberyun for Windows

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