Ramble Planet

Ramble Planet is an adventure game of exploration and puzzle solving. You have crash landed on Badmark, a hostile frontier planet and tourist hotspot. You must scour the wilderness, ruins, and settlements of this alien world to find replacement parts for your spaceship.

Ramble Planet was released in 2014 for Windows and Android operating systems. It was created entirely by Andi Hagen.

  • Explore a sprawling world filled with puzzles and secrets.
  • Free-roaming gameplay where the only objectives are to explore and collect things
  • Unique alien setting that is densely packed with strange people and places

Ramble Planet on itch.io

Ramble Planet Soundtrack

Ramble Planet FAQ

7 Comments on “Ramble Planet

    • I am reading your comment with delight. Persevere in your quest!

      • I am making a new game. It should be completed early this fall (I’ve already been working on it for 8 months).

        Its working title is Void Crypt. It is an RPG game set in a futuristic version of ancient Egypt.

        I’ll let you know when it’s done. I’ve been working hard. It should be cool!

        The imagery on your website is really interesting, by the way.

  1. Please let me know! I really enjoyed the unique style you brought on in Ramble Planet.

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